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Measurement - Locations and UTC Times.
Test Yourself 1 - Solutions.




1. Using the UTC World Time Zone map, determine the time zones for:

(i) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

(ii) Delhi, India.

(iii) Perth, Scotland.


Yerevan in Armenia is 3 hours ahead of Lagos in Nigeria. Reykjavik in Iceland is 4 hours behind Yerevan.

What is the time in Reykjavik when it is 3 pm in Lagos?

Answer.It is 4 pm in Reykjavik.
4. When it is midday in January in Perth, Australia (UTC+8 hours), what time is it in Auckland, New Zealand (UTC+12 hours)?
5. When it is 10:00 am in Sydney (UTC +11 hours), what time is it in Adelaide (UTC +10:30 hours)?
6. When tennis players start play at 11: 00 am in Wimbledon, London (UTC 0 hours), what time is it in Melbourne, Australia (UTC +10 hours).
7. When Prince Harry married Meghan at noon in London, what was the time in New York, USA (UTC -5 hours)?

The 2021 Olympic Games will open at 8:00 pm in Tokyo, Japan (UTC +9 hours).

What time will it be in Zurich, Switzerland (UTC + 1 hour)

9. What is the time and day in Fiji (UTC +12 hours) if it is 7 am on a Friday in Honolulu (UTC -10 hours).

A person in Vancouver, Canada (UTC -8 hours) wishes to ring a friend in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (UTC +3 hours).

It is 3:00 pm on Tuesday in Vancouver. What time and day will it be in Tanzania?

It is also possible to do direct conversions using the World Time Buddy. Only use this if in a hurry.