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Financial Maths - Main page.


Earning money. Salary and wages.
  Other ways of earning an income.
  Income tax and GST.
Home expenses. Electricity bills, gas bills, water rates.
Car expenses. Summary of main issues of owning and running a car.
  Car insurance.
  Car expenses - Test Yourself 1.
  Car expenses - Test Yourself 1 - Solutions.
Shares and bonds. All about shares and the terms involved.
Interest(ing) - main page. Simple interest.
  Compound interest.
  Effective rate of interest.
Credit cards. Video coming.
  Credit cards - Test Yourself 1.
  Credit cards - Test Yourself 1 - Solutions.
Future and present values.
  Future value.
  Future value table.
  Present value.
  Present value table.
Advanced annuities and loans using Series. Investments - annuities & loans - Main Page.