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Index - topics beginning with T.


Topic area Sub-topic
Taxation Income tax.
  Goods & Services tax (GST).
Time Time - Main Page.
Transformations of graphs Shift and dilation concepts.
  Exponential curves.
  Logarithmic curves.
  Trigonometric curves.
Trapezium The basic ideas and uses.
Trapezoidal Rule Areas of basic shapes in Standard/General Maths.
  Finding areas and volumes in calculus-based courses especially related to mathematical curves.
Travel. Travel and determining local times.
Trees. Network trees.
  Probability trees.
Trigonometry Basic ratios and why do they have those names?
  Angles of any magnitude.
  Basic relationships.
  Basic relationships - Summary page for revision.
  Exact values.
  Equations - Summary page of techniques.
  Equations - Auxilliary angles.
  Graphing trig functions.
  Identities - Summary page of strategies.
  Identities - extension - sums and differences of angles.
  Identities - extension - double angles.
  Identities - extension - Half angle (t formulae).
  Identities - extension - product of sin/cos ratios.
  Sine Rule.
  Cosine Rule.
  Area of a triangle.
  Trigonometric functions.
  Calculus - Differentiating trig functions.
  Calculus - Integrating trig functions.
  Graphing trigonometric functions.
  Inverse trigonometric functions.