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Earning money - Commissions and piecework.
Test Yourself 1.


Basic commission earned.

Ben is working part-time as a salesperson. He earns a commission of 3.5% on the items he sells.

If Ben sold products worth a total amount of $2,200, what commission would he receive?

Answer. Commission = $77.
Commission rate.  
  6. Novak works for a company which determines his weekly wage in two components:
    1. a basic weekly wage;
    2. a commission on his sales.

The following graph summarises the amount Novak will receive depending on the value of the sales he makes.

What percentage commission does the company pay Novak for his sales?

Answer. Commission = 20%.
Commissions based on a sliding scale.  

Jerry Lee is paid to deliver brochures advertising products from the local chemist chain at the rate of $50 per 1200 brochures.

If there is rain on the day he is delivering, Jerry Lee is paid an extra 15%.

Last week it was raining when he delivered 2,200 brochures.

How much should Jerry Lee be paid for that day's work?

Answer.Pay = $91.67