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Algebra - Factorisation - the Cross Method.
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The factorisation technique referred to as the "Cross Method" is described in detail. It is the most preferred method by students to use to complete the factorisation of quadratic expressions and quadratic equations. Some teachers still prefer the generally more difficult PSF method.


Like the Completing of the Square, the Cross Method of factorisation is one which must be learnt really well so that you can use it with confidence in many situations.

Resources of direct relevance to the Cross Method technique are:


Video 1 - the basics applied to monic quadratics.
Factorising monics - Test Yourself - Test 1.
Factorising monics - Test Yourself 1 - Solutions.
Non-Monics. Video 2 - extension to non-monics.
  Non-monics - Test Yourself 1.
  Non-monics - Test Yourself 2 - Solutions.